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Abandonment fear most often occurs during childhood. It can occur from a death of a loved one, divorce, abuse and or any other trauma that may have occurred.

Did you know?

Unmet needs can lead to the feeling of abandonment. It can also cause the feeling of neglect.

What can cause emotional abandonment?

When children are held to too high of a standard, this can potentially cause damage to a relationship, as well as, relying too heavily on your children for your own worth. Stress and self care are also common because if one becomes overwhelmed, he/she may avoid tasks and or personal needs that are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What are the signs?

  1. Lack of emotion

  2. Trust issues

  3. Envy of others relationships

  4. Settling for the bare minimum Regardless of the situation, therapy is a great way to break those abandonment fears a child may be experiencing early. Therapy can help a child understand and reassure them of your love and your role in their life.

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