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Aging & Geriatric Issues Star Point Counseling Center Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl

Aging is a natural process that may present challenges for some individuals and their families. Although many older adults look forward to moving from middle age into their later years, it may be difficult for others to adjust. All adults may experience health issues and stress as they approach and pass middle age, and the support of a therapist at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl may help ease the transition.

While some adults may approach their “Golden Years” eagerly, anticipating retirement, grandchildren, or simply a new phase of life, others may dread the physical and mental effects of aging. It may be difficult for some adults to face the transition to retirement, deal with new frailty or medical conditions or find enjoyable, meaningful activities if they do experience physical challenges that limit their mobility. Those who spend time with or care for older adults can help reduce the impact of these issues .

Encouraging active and healthy aging may improve the mental health of older adults. Security and social support, adequate training for geriatric care professionals, promotion of good mental and physical health, and community programs may all help meet the needs of the elder population. Family and caregiver support and informed and compassionate care, when offered rather than forced on an individual, can also help older adults maintain their independence with the knowledge that help is available if needed.

Individual and family therapy is available at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl. We ensure no matter the age or situation, everyone receives help equally.

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