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Don’t let your past anchor you down

We all dwell on the past from time to time. As we live life it’s only natural that we sometimes cling onto what once was. But when our clinging to the past affects our future, it comes unhealthy and an anchors that can hold us down.

When you begin to dwell on the past more than you feel is healthy, ask yourself a series of open-ended questions: Why does this memory matter to me? Does it serve me to restrict certain opportunities because they remind me of this memory? Think yourself through it.

Also, stop rehashing the problem, if you stop telling your story, you’ll realize more and more each day that you’re the one in control and you have the power to un-anchor yourself.

As for all your memories like letters, notes, and clothing items, many people find it hard to completely get rid of these things. One way to make sure you don’t keep looking through them is gathering them in a box and hiding it until you’re ready to revisit it again with a different mindset.

Sometimes it helps to get everything out. One tip is to write down everything you’ve ever wanted to say to that person. Once you are done, dispose of your letter. Bury it, shred it, or even burn it.

Take this as an opportunity to discover who is in your life now and who is truly there for you. Also try your hardest to forget about who was once there for you.

Lastly, keep yourself busy with physical activity and just live as much as you can.Every day, you have the opportunity to make new memories happen. This is a gift we often take for granted.

Remember, anchors don’t have to hold you  down. It’s your choice to choose to let go!

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