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Giving Vs. Getting Gifts

Ahh, the joys of the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, or any other tradition, gift giving is a common theme. But what is more rewarding? Giving or receiving a gift? There is tangible value in getting those expensive diamond earrings you have been waiting on. But there is an intrinsic reward for giving those same earrings knowing that the recipient will show gratitude, love, and will reinforce you for buying them. The gifts don’t have to be expensive however to experience this same dilemma. Parents sometimes swoon over the noodle necklace, or holiday ornament so beautifully made by their children at school. But they also look forward to the face of the child who so patiently (and I say this within context) waited for that new tablet. Gifts can also be very thoughtful and particular. A friend may receive a beautiful card and sentimental piece that warms the heart, confirming what was already understood to be a close bond between the two comrades. And then for some, however, gift giving can be a very depressing subject. You may repeatedly get the “wrong gift” for others, or may just not enjoy spending so much money! You may hate the hassle of having to return things that just were not necessary for you to have.

Star Point wants to hear from you. Do you receive more happiness and joy from giving a gift, or from receiving one? Do you enjoy the idea of giving gifts during the holidays, or does it put a sour taste in your mouth? Comment below!

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