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Marriage Counseling

Do any of these warning signs apply to your marriage or relationship?

  1. You are barely speaking to each other.

  2. You are withholding affection as a form of punishment.

  3. You or your spouse are keeping secrets.

  4. You are financially “unfaithful” to your spouse.

  5. You are contemplating (or having) an affair.

  6. Every small thing turns into a BIG thing.

  7. You can’t appropriately communicate without being cruel to your spouse.

  8. Your sex life has changed dramatically and you feel your needs are not being met.

  9. You can never agree on any topic regarding the children in the house.

Marriage, couples, and relationship counseling can help your marriage or relationship get back on the right track. If you feel your marriage or relationship is not strong or you want to build a strong marriage/relationship marriage, couples, and relationship counseling can help.

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