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Marriage & Couples Counseling: How It Works & What to Expect At Star Point Counseling Center

Marriage and couples counseling can help with a variety of concerns throughout the entirety of a relationship. Therapists can help couples deal with specific relationship issues (like infidelity or becoming empty nesters), strengthen their bond in general, and communicate and express their respective opinions and emotions.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage or couples counseling is typically a brief, solution-focused type of therapy. Most couples complete treatment within 20 sessions, although the average is closer to 12 sessions. Marriage counseling can take place every week or every other week, depending on the initial assessment of the therapist and the goals of the couple. Marriage counseling is successful when both partners are equally invested in finding solutions to marriage issues together and willing to put in the work both individually and as a couple.

Final Thoughts

Marital and couples counseling can be a helpful and worthwhile investment for couples who want to improve their relationship. Remember that what works for one couple may or may not work for you, and making progress in counseling depends greatly not just on the therapy process but also on your level of commitment to make changes and improvements long term.


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