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Narcissism involves having an excessive self-involvement that causes a person to ignore the needs of others. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) causes chronic disregard for others.

Narcissism – Association for Psychological Science – APS

Narcissistic behavior consists of: -obsessive interest in the opinions of others -strong feeling of entitlement  -attention seeking behavior

Why narcissists aren't as smart as they think | Arts | University of  Waterloo

NPD can change a person’s perceptions of what’s normal and affect their ability to judge the feelings, motives, and behavior of themselves and others.

Research has shown, that it is very common for a person who deals with NPD to avoid seeking help because they struggle to recognize their behavior, however, therapy can really help someone in need.

At Star Point Counseling center located in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl, Therapy can help a person with NPD understand and prioritize the needs of others, repair broken relationships, and enhance empathy.

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