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Are you experiencing frequent arguments and misinterpretations with someone in your family? Good communication skills are an extremely important aspect of a healthy relationship with family members. If you are experiencing difficulty communicating in your relationships, here are some helpful hints to improve things:

  1. Attempt to admit to and assume responsibility for poor communication and related tensions by asking each other defining and identifying questions to clarify the communication problems.

  2. Identify any underlying dynamics that may be hindering communication like hidden resentment or avoidant behavior.

  3. Think about the benefits of developing a more cohesive, open, close relationship with your family. This may take time and feel different or unusual at first.

  4. Schedule weekly or monthly family meetings to constructively discuss issues in the family.

  5. Plan family outings or activities in order to strengthen family interaction.

If you are experiencing difficulty communicating in your relationships, feel free to call (813) 244-1251 to talk to someone at Star Point Counseling who can help. Also, visit our website for more information on how we can help you learn tips and techniques for positive communication!

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