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Types of Couples Therapy

  1. Relationship counseling

  2. Every couple, at one point or another, faces challenges that test their partnership. It can happen at week 10, or year 10 of a relationship. When it does, sometimes you need outside guidance to help you navigate a path forward. You don’t have to do it alone. No matter what the circumstances are of your relationship, couples counseling offers you and your partner the support and structure you need, in a safe, unbiased, productive space. In couples therapy, you’ll learn conflict-resolution strategies and how to communicate more effectively. You’ll explore relationship patterns, restore trust, rediscover your passions for one another, and address dysfunction, building a healthier, stronger, loving relationship.

  3. Marriage counseling

  4. Marriage is work. You need to invest in it to keep it healthy. When you face those inevitable bumps in the road, it’s OK to admit you need some trusted guidance. Marriage counseling can help. In therapy, you and your spouse can take on those tough times — whatever they may be — in a safe, loving space. Marriage counseling helps you identify the exact root of your problems and come up with effective strategies to overcome them. You can open up, express your honest feelings, and get back to that kind, in-love place you both want to live in.

  5. Premarital counseling

  6. The days, weeks, and months before your wedding are like no other time in life. They’re exciting, invigorating, and yes, can be stressful, too.   If you need help just getting to the altar — when many couples struggle with the pressure of planning that perfect day — premarital counseling can help. It can also prepare you for the rest of your wedded life together. Premarital counseling allows you to start your lives together on a solid foundation. You’ll learn to communicate, resolve conflict, identify values, match expectations about major life decisions like children, address anger issues, build trust, and so much more.

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