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Open Letter To Anyone Who Calls a Business

  1.  Don’t be doing something else while calling a business, your train of thought should be 100 percent if you want 100 percent of them.

  2.  Don’t put on the speaker on your phone, it is echoey and hard to hear you.

  3. Talk slow so they can understand you, especially if you are placing an order or making an appointment. You want the information to be accurate.

  4. Don’t get agressive or into bullying mode because they did not tell you what you want to hear. Simply say thank you and call someone else.

  5. Do speak clearly and friendly, you will probably get more information,

  6. Do talk assertively and do listen to what they are telling you. Isn’t that why you called anyway?

  7.  Do let the phone go to voice mail and leave a short message if they do not answer. I know, everyone knows how to leave a message and we have to listen to 30 seconds of how to leave a message before the beep.

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