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Are you meeting your own needs?

It’s crucial for you to take time to relax, rejuvenate and attain well being. Self-care can include activities such as getting a haircut or massage, taking a trip, or eating at one’s favorite restaurant, as well as attending to one’s basic daily needs.

If you’re struggling with self-care here are some potential reasons:

  1. dealing with depression; this automatically affects overall energy and mood.

  2. Stress; caused by work, daily chores/ responsibilities, too many tasks at once and deadlines.

  3. Relationships; you put in a load of effort to keep relationships in a good standing, you start to forget about your own being.

It’s okay to think about yourself at times. Taking care of your needs is not frowned upon. Everyone needs a mental break every now and then to come back even stronger.

Maintaining emotional self- care can consist of:

  1. setting boundaries with people. Attaining a positive and supportive group.

  2. Managing stress, anxiety, anger and or sadness.

  3. Make friends with people who value your needs just as much as their own.

Meeting one’s own needs tends to make a person more able to help and support others and, generally speaking, to obtain more happiness and fulfillment from life. At Star point counseling center, we will help you achieve that and more. 

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