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Did you know, self-esteem affects how we think, feel and behave towards others?

To have a good self-esteem, you have to be able to accept your strengths, weaknesses and or limits. For the most part, self-esteem reflects reality.

Self-esteem influences just about every facet of our lives. It informs self-care and the way we allow others to treat us and talk to us. Self-esteem affects how we value and communicate our needs, thoughts, and feelings and underpins personal integrity and our ability to pursue goals. It determines our sense of well-being, how we parent, our success in the workplace, and relationship satisfaction.

Maintaining a healthy self-esteem is learned, for those who may be struggling with self-esteem should consider counseling because it can help find the root of the problem and encourage ways to build up one’s confidence whether it is for school, work, at home, parenting, anything!

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