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<strong>Helpless Star Point Counseling center Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl </strong>

Helplessness, or a sense of being unable to act or react to a negative situation, may be experienced by anyone, especially during illness or when affected by a traumatic event. A persistent feeling of helplessness, however, can last long after a person’s actual helplessness disappears. In this case, feelings of helplessness may interfere with daily life and have significant mental health consequences, at which point it may be helpful to speak to a therapist at Star Point Counseling center Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl.


Feelings of helplessness can be fueled by trauma, grief, stress, mental health conditions, isolation, and numerous other factors. A person who was raped for example, might feel unable to leave the house without someone trusted to accompany him or her. People experiencing mental health issues, particularly depression may also feel helpless. Someone with major depression might find it nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning, feeling powerless in the face of stress and unable to believe that anything can be done to alleviate those feelings. Helplessness can also sometimes represent issues with self-esteem.

Helplessness can also be a tool of manipulation. Some people behave in helpless ways to gain attention from others and to avoid feeling abandoned. A child might deliberately fail classes or an adult might purposely attempt to be fired from work in order to elicit sympathy and attention. Feigned incompetence is another form of helplessness that can be used as a tool of manipulation.

Therapy at Star Point Counseling center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl can often help those who experience a lasting state of learned helplessness or victimhood by exposing the real causes of the issues, such as childhood trauma, lack of functional relationships with authority and parental figures during childhood, an abusive relationship or a fear of success. Through psychotherapy, those who are affected by these conditions may learn how to begin to focus on what they can control and thus gain more influence over life.

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