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Therapist and Marriage Counseling

Some key issues which if not dealt with properly can damage the love relationship:

  1. Money

  2. Sex

  3. Power and Control

  1. Poor Communication Skills

  2. Inability to Trust

  3. Differing Value Systems

Our therapists’ number one goal is to help couples find healthy ways to deal with the problems they will inevitably face throughout their lives and to stay in love – not run from the relationship when things get rocky. With couples counseling or marriage counseling,  after an initial assessment of the issues from each partner’s perspective, your therapist will help you identify relational patterns developed during your formative years. Without dwelling too much on the past, couples are challenged to address any unfinished business that may be affecting the quality of their current relationship.

Through marriage counseling or couples counseling the therapist will teach you healthier ways of communicating including productive conflict resolution. Through role-playing, instruction, and discussion, partners learn how to maintain appropriate boundaries while respecting each other’s differences. How couples deal with conflict is considered by many to be the key factor in determining the quality and security of the relationship!

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