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Therapy for Blended Families

Blended families are very common and can produce wonderful experiences as well as unique challenges.  The step parent – step child relationship can be fragile at times.  The same can be said for adoptive siblings, step siblings, and half siblings.  You may find yourself needing a family therapist.  Family counseling can help you deal with any jealousy or resentment that may be undermining the situation, and restore peace and harmony to your home.

If any of the following, fit your situation, you can benefit from family counseling.

  1. Is your blended family just not blending?

  2. Are you a stepmom struggling with his kids?

  3. Are you a Dad struggling with parenting in a stepfamily?

  4. Is your relationship not what you expected?

  5. Is discipline a problem?

  6. Are your step kids disrespectful?

  7. Who comes first partner or the child?

  8. ​​Do you sometimes feel like an outsider?

At Affordable Counseling Center, we take the time to focus on the partnership of the family and use actionable processes to address the issues of: partnership, couple strength, discipline, roles, organization, conflict of loyalties, and the ex spouse, if applicable.

Call Affordable Counseling Center today. We have offices in Brandon and Tampa and will work around your schedule. Call or text us at; (813) 244-1251. We are also online at:

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