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What’s It Like to Live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder? At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa F

Many individuals living with GAD report fatigue from daily stress and worry. They often report an inability to shift their thoughts away from worry.

Some individuals will report good insight, while most people report worrying is helpful. It isn’t uncommon for people diagnosed with GAD to say, “I’m anxious, and I like it.” This is because a core belief is that being watchful leads to better results.

Individuals often express difficulty tolerating uncertainty. Many individuals invest hours in future planning or reviewing past outcomes to predict a future outcome.

Avoidant strategies are very high when anticipatory anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, sets in. Anticipatory anxiety is the anxious distress that builds before an event occurs. Individuals will often fantasize about good outcomes and brainstorm ways to avoid a predicted bad outcome. 

Physical sensations are reported with GAD. Common physical symptoms are stomach discomfort, headaches, bursts of energy, and pressure in the chest.

Even though GAD creates cognitive, emotional, and physical discomfort, most individuals living with GAD can function daily, parent, study, and maintain employment.

What are the best self-healing strategies for GAD?

Patients at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, rank these as their top strategies paired with counseling:

  1. Exercise

  2. Weightlifting alone with upbeat music

  3. Daily walks

  4. Nurturing friendship with non-avoidant friends

  5. Redefining boundaries in relationships to support confidence-building

  6. Adaptogens herbs

  7. Limiting coffee to 2 cups a day or less

  8. Eliminating self-help books and reducing social media – or using books and social media to pursue other interests such as learning new skills or the arts

  9. Improving the quality of sleep and protecting sleep time

  10. Increasing self-care and self-investment

  11. Learning communication skills to be more direct and assertive

  12. Improving money skills

  13. Spending at least 2 hours a week outside

  14. Returning to a loved hobby or practice they used to do at a younger age

  15. Selecting at least 2 communities (book club, social group, sports, spiritual)

  16. Addressing any ignored medical issues or dietary issues

  17. Finding a good medical provider – who actually listens and makes helpful recommendations

Ready to address all that worry?

Mental health skills matter. Learn the skills at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, that hold the potential to improve the lives of those living with GAD. .


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