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7 Common Marital Problems

If you are experiencing conflict in your marriage, you are not alone. Here are the most common marital problems among couples:

  1. Communication breakdown

  2. Unresolved issues from the past

  3. Unfulfilled relationship/partner expectations

  4. Intimacy issues

  5. Infidelity

  6. Resentment

  7. Contempt

If left unresolved, these problems may corrode the positive aspects of your marriage, which can eventually lead to divorce. Marital conflicts can also have an adverse impact on children. Therefore, it is important to seek marriage counseling before conflicts create lasting damage. Marriage counseling not only helps couples resolve conflicts, but also teaches partners important tools for creating a happy and successful marriage. If you are interested in couples counseling please contact us at 813-244-1251. We also invite you to visit our websites at and

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