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Break Bad Habits In 3 Steps!


Everyone has at least one bad habit that they would like to banish, such as smoking, biting their nails, and procrastinating. When individuals try to quit their bad habits they often fail, because they are not replacing the bad habit with an alternative. Breaking bad habits can be simple if you have the desire, patience and follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Choose an alternative habit. Your brain needs habits to function. When quitting one habit you must have an alternative to replace it.

  2. Commit. Its’s not easy to give up something you enjoy. Your brain has connected this bad habit to your happy chemicals a long time ago. But you can do it if you commit yourself to this new alternative habit.

  3. Repeat. Your new alternative habit will begin to feel natural after about 6 weeks, so keep at it. Eventually as your brain adjusts it will be easier to not think about or want to do your old bad habit.

It is possible to break bad habits if you are committed, patient, and have support. Seeking a counselor can be very beneficial for you during this process. A counselor can help you design an alternative, give you support and advice, and guide you through the process of replacing your bad habits.

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