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There’s a Word for That? Pt. 3

limerace 3

The question posed in our last blog, “Is limerence healthy/unhealthy, bad/good, or rational/irrational is still difficult to answer. But a conclusion can be drawn from some of the information that we already have. While limerence feels good, it may ultimately be irrational. Thinking can sometimes be distorted and therefore the euphoric state can be considered illogical. But, it is sometimes an emotional captivity that we do not seemingly have control over. This is dangerous because it ultimately affects our decision making processes, and we all know that each decision we make has some sort of consequence (negative or positive).

However, limerence does have its positive side. Who can deny that the sensation of being in love is wonderful? Who can say that they would ever give up these intense sentiments and emotions? It is a state to be reflected upon and to admire, that we as humans are capable of deceiving ourselves to such a degree that it affects our whole lives at times. No other animal is capable of doing this. The positive, as Yalom describes, from limerence is a sense of hope that may not exist in skepticism and that is uniquely present in the euphoric state. So the answer really lies in the individual. Each action and situation that a person is in, or has been in, can be reflected upon to create a better awareness of the self, to learn about life and all of its components. The label, good or bad cannot realistically be put upon the idea of limerence. Rather, it may be for the individual to decide how beneficial it is for him/her to experience this state and to learn and grow from it. Or, to avoid it and its potential negative consequences.

What do you think? Have you ever felt limerence before? Star Point Counseling wants to know! Comment below…

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