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Anxiety Therapy At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL.

  1. Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

  2. Is anxiety affecting your work, relationships or health?

  3. Anxiety making you feel worried, negative, or tense?

  4. Does life feel overwhelming?

Perhaps you start doubting yourself, feeling stressed, nervous or irritable. Obsessing over problems until you’re so tense, it’s difficult to sleep. You fear that things will never get better.

Many people have these common experiences. If they don’t pass, you might need more support to break the cycle. We can help you stop worrying and start living again.

If anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, is creating work or relationship problems we can help. If you are drinking too much, procrastinating, or isolating, why waste any more of your life spinning your wheels? Anxiety can be debilitating, immobilizing, even frightening. Some people end up in the ER, mistaking a panic attack for a heart attack.

 Contact us at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, 813-244-1251 if stress, fear, or worry are affecting the quality of your life. You can ask any questions you have. Or set up an appointment. Why wait to get better?  Making that first call is often the most difficult part. We make it easy for you to get started. We love our work. And we have a safe place waiting for you to stop worrying and start living.

In working with clients for over 12 years, we have developed effective methods for dealing with these common challenges. You are not alone. There’s usually no need to analyze your childhood. We will work in the present using practical tools to help you feel better now. We use these methods ourselves, so we know they work. The good news is that people who seek help, get better. You can be one of those people.

Our skilled and compassionate therapists at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, listen deeply to you. You can rely on our years of experience, compassion and practical advise to help you achieve goals that are important to you. Our methods are direct, heart-felt and practical. We stay in the present to help you feel confident now. We don’t just listen, we give you tools to manage and prevent anxiety and feel better.


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