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Benefits of Therapy For Couples At Star Point Counseling Center In Tampa FL, And Brandon FL.

Positive Regard

Many couples that first come to work with us are caught in a vicious cycle of negative inferences of their partner. When one partner does ‘x’, the other partner tends to immediately assume a negative interpretation of ‘x’ or of their partner’s intentions in choosing to do ‘x’. We break that cycle.

Communication Skills

Couples often have difficulty expressing their emotions and feelings to one another without it leading to argument, and resentment. We give them a safe place to express themselves, and develop communication skills to better understand each partner’s thoughts and feelings.

Affair Recovery

Unfortunately, many couples in today’s world are dealing with the current implications of infidelity, or the past wounds of an affair that still are present like a ghost in their relationship. We help partners to safely explore infidelity, and heal and recover from the pain and mistrust.

Eliminate Problems

Some relationships exhibit certain well-researched negative characteristics of relationships: Criticism; Contempt; Defensiveness; Stonewalling. We teach couples to recognize these negative behaviors, and to engage in specific actions to act as antidotes to create healthier interactions.


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