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Do You Feel Numb, Sad, or Hopeless? If So Depression Counseling At Star Point Counseling Center in T

You don’t need to feel guilt or shame for asking for help from a depression therapist. Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, know how hard it is to pick up the phone, call someone, and share with them that you feel like shit and things are never going to get better. This is one of the most courageous things you could ever do.

Do any of the following depression symptoms resonate with you?

  1. Your energy levels are at an all-time low.

  2. Outwardly, you act like everything is OK on the outside but on the inside, it feels devastatingly painful

  3. You feel like you lack motivation to do anything.

  4. Even when you are with others you feel lonely.

  5. You lost the joyful feelings that you used to have in life.

  6. Every morning you wake up feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

  7. You feel like you have no reason to get excited, to smile, to move forward.

If any of these sound true for you, Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, want you to know that you might feel embarrassed to open up about what you’re really going through. However, Depression Counseling in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, provides a non-judgmental space for you to talk freely about what’s bothering you, the thoughts that cross your mind, or the hopelessness you may feel.

Depression Counseling Can Help You Rise Above These Feelings of Sadness, Emptiness, and Hopelessness.

It’s possible to feel better. Imagine a life where you could…

  1. Be high energy, motivated, and ambitious again.

  2. Have improved and more consistent mood and productivity.

  3. Shift into having a more hopeful outlook on life.

  4. Figure out who you are and what direction to go in next with confidence and pride.

  5. Actually look forward to doing activities and hobbies that bring you joy

  6. No longer have to pretend that everything is okay if they’re not

Navigate Life’s Challenges With Ease.

Our Depression Therapist in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, will help you work through your challenging thoughts and feelings. Allowing you to start moving towards your ideal life with less sadness and more joy.

You will gain the tools to create a new mindset to find your way through difficult feelings and situations and see that you deserve kindness and forgiveness for yourself – the same that you give to others.

Even if you are nervous to pick up the phone and make the call, Depression Counseling at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, may be able to help.

We’ve helped lots of people who feel unrecognizable when they look in the mirror begin to find joy, purpose, and become interested in life again. With returned motivation comes renewed energy to become that engaged parent, partner, and friend you so desire to be. Contact Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, today to schedule.


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